Created in Hoylake, England by Maggie Holmes
Resurrected in Park City, Utah by her
Great Granddaughter Elizabeth

Madeleine’s Marmalade, a traditional family recipe that has been passed from mother to daughter to granddaughter to great granddaughter, is now available for all to enjoy.

Liz Lockette, the great granddaughter, remembers her Mother and “Gran” cutting, peeling, squeezing and simmering batches of marmalade. Her Mother and Gran had immigrated to the United States after World War II, bringing this recipe with them. Every winter, the search for the Seville oranges marked the beginning of “Marmalade Season.” While living in NYC, her father would find the oranges in special markets. When the family moved out West, her mother and Gran somehow found them again. Today, this seasonal primary ingredient is special ordered, giving it the uniqueness and traditional flare true to the family recipe.

Years later, Gran returned to England and her Mother no longer made the family’s marmalade. Liz had just purchased her own home and wanted to start the marmalade-making tradition again. After a number of over-seas phone calls, Gran’s original 3 x 5 recipe card was found. In typical style of the day, it included very rough measurements. With the help of her mother’s memory and some conversion tricks she used with other recipes, they pulled it back together, and the annual marmalade tradition began again.

The first year, Liz made four batches (about 12 jars each), and told friends and family if you wanted another jar, just return your jar. This was sort of a joke at first, until the jars starting coming back and the jars started getting shipped to family in England.

This year, Liz and her two new partners made many, many batches, participating in this time-honored tradition. They still follow the family way of cutting, peeling, squeezing and simmering batches of marmalade, all by hand.

Joining Liz are Katie Mullaly and Priscilla Blanchot, bringing their unique talent combinations to Madeleine’s. Katie, a long time veteran of the local culinary scene, brings with her years of gourmet food experience. Priscilla, an accomplished graphic designer from NYC (who, by the way recently received an award for Madeleine’s packaging and design), rounds out the group with her artistic ability.

We hope you enjoy eating our marmalade as much as we enjoyed making it. Hopefully, Madeleine’s will become a family tradition for you as well.

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