Below are some of our favorite ways to use Madeleine's Marmalade

Marmalade and Chevre Appetizer

Baked Brie with Madeleine's Marmalade

Baked French Toast with Cardamon and Marmalade

Marmalade-Stuffed French Toast with Orange Syrup

Dundee Cake with Hot Marmalade Sauce

Citrus Cheesecake with Marmalade Glaze

Rich and Sticky Gingerbread with Marmalade

Orange Marmalade Layer Cake

Heath Bar-Marmalade Crumb Cake

Carrot Cake with Marmalade Cream Cheese Frosting

Peanut Brittle-Apple Crisp

Orange-Flavored Sweet Potatoes with Oatmeal Cookie Topping

Cranberry Sauce with Marmalade and Cinnamon

Sweet Curry Paste

Marmalade-Glazed Spareribs

Marmalade Chicken

Orange-Currant Chicken with Toasted Walnuts

Marmalade-Glazed Ham with Sweet Orange-Tea Sauce

Baked Ham with Marmalade-Horseradish Glaze

Pork Tenderloin with Chipotle-Marmalade Sauce

Curried Peanut Shrimp

Orange-Glazed Acorn Squash